Starting from October 2023, BioHorizons Camlog will offer titanium bases with angled screw channels for the CAMLOG® and CONELOG® implant systems, eliminating the need for CAD/CAM.

As a response to cement-induced peri-implantitis, the demand for cementless direct screw attachments in implantology has surged in recent years. However, challenges arise, particularly in the anterior region, where the implant’s positioning and screw channel placement are critical. The titanium bases without CAD/CAM allow for access from the palatal or lingual side for the abutment screw.

Notable Features:

  • Axis correction of up to 25° vertically and 35° horizontally (up to 15° vertical for CONELOG® with 2 mm gingival height)
  • Anti-rotation protection for precise ceramic crown bonding
  • Optimal screw channel placement
  • Two chimney heights (4.7 mm and 6.5 mm)
  • Standard and Platform-Switching abutments for CAMLOG® implants, each with one gingival height
  • Two gingival heights available for CONELOG® implants

Please note that a specially configured Ballpoint screwdriver is required for angled screw access.

More information?

Download your flyer for the Camlog system now, or download your flyer for the Conelog system.

Contact your BioHorizons Camlog accountmanager or our customer service for more information.