Welcome to DEDICASE™

Accurate, Less chair time, Smart design, Flexibility and Convenience

Welcome to DEDICASE™

Top-level sports are not done alone but with a team of professionals. DEDICASE™ is the most advanced, yet simple and accessible solution for guided surgery. We offer you a service for digital planning of your treatment, production of guides, and if desired, also the temporary restorations with original BioHorizons Camlog connections.

With DEDICASE™, we offer you access to digital dentistry without the need to invest in software.

The Workflow 

After we have received the order form, the CBCT scan, and the intraoral scans, our team immediately gets to work for you. As soon as we have made the planning, you will receive it from us for approval. After your approval of the planning, we start with the design of the guide. After your approval of the design, we start with the production. All our guides are printed with a Stratasys printer. After all, top sport demands the best tools.

If you wish a temporary provision, we also design this for you. Just like with the guides, we always ask for your approval before we proceed to mill the temporary restoration.

Once the production is completed, we check all parts and send the guide with any temporary provision and the specific implants in one package to your practice.

Submit a Case

Upload your case here

Completed digital order form  

DICOM data of your patient  

Intraoral scans including bite registration 

Production Details

High-quality Stratasys J5 medical printer and liquids for manufacturing the guides

Milled PMMA restorations in the color of your choice

Original Ti-bases

Sleeve-only system for maximum accuracy and comfort 

Control of every planning and guide by a certified surgeon 

Submit Case

Upload your case including DICOM data and the STL files of the intraoral scans here

Planning of the treatment 

Based on your information, we plan the implant treatment. 

You check and approve the treatment plan. 

Design Guide and Temporary Restoration 

We design the guide and any temporary restoration according to the agreed planning. 

You approve the designs before we proceed with production. 

CAD/CAM Production

We produce the guide and the temporary restoration with CAM equipment of the highest quality. 

Precision technology you can rely on. 

One Package 

We deliver all ordered parts including implants in one package. 

Treatment of the Patient 

You have all the parts at hand for a successful treatment. 

Dedicase in a nutshell 

Surgical Planning, Designing and Production of Guides and Temporary Restorations is an important but at the same time a time-consuming task. 

Thanks to DEDICASE™, you can focus on yourtalent and what really matters; the development of your practice and the treatment of the patient. We take care of the time-consuming steps for you. Maximum efficiency, top results and more comfort for your patients, that’s what we aim for! 

Dedicase in a nutshell 

Tested as best in class. Read the whitepaper “High precision of the CONELOG implant-abutment connection”.


Combines an extremely precise conical connection with a geometry focused on immediacy. 

Sleeve only system

Resulting in greater accuracy and maximum ease of use.

Open frame design  

For maximum visibility and access for irrigation. 

Temporary provision  

Temporary provision  
Milled in PMMA in color of choice and always including original Ti-bases. 

Accurate results

Our planning system Smop includes multiple procedures designed to create accurate implant plans and guides for a more precise surgical procedure and predictable prosthetic outcomes. Our guided system is a sleeve-only system. Placing extra spoons in the guide is therefore definitively a thing of the past. 

Effective planning

From start to finish, the DEDICASE™ process is shaped by state-of-the-art precision equipment, to help create an optimal plan, a flawless guide, and a perfectly fitting temporary restoration. This results in a smooth planning and placement procedure, reducing the need for patient visits and ultimately saving valuable working time. 

Smart design

The advanced digitally designed guide allows for fully guided implant placement. Due to the open frame design, you have maximum visibility and access for irrigation. 

Maximal flexibility

The foundation of guided surgery is performing the surgical procedure from a prosthetic standpoint. Thanks to the smart design, it is also possible to place the prosthetic provision without changing the guides. A total concept for maximum flexibility. 

Focus and ease

By outsourcing the planning and production process of the guides and temporary restorations, you can focus on your talent and the comfort of your patients. You remain in control of the entire process, while we take on the most time-consuming steps.

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