High quality guided bone and tissue regeneration: it’s possible with the Striate+™ membrane, the next generation of collagen membranes.

Striate+™ is expertly processed to remove all traces of DNA and immunogenic contaminents to create a favorable environment for rapid regeneration of high-quality bone and soft tissue.

How does Striate+™ work?

Striate+™ boasts a bilayer design featuring both a textured and a sleek surface. When applying Striate+™, the smooth side is positioned facing the oral cavity, effectively preventing the encroachment of gingival soft tissue into the defect area during the bone healing process. The rough side, oriented towards the defect, fosters an optimal environment for the development of new bone tissue. Striate+™ remains in place for a sufficient duration, allowing ample time for bone regeneration to take place before it naturally assimilates into the surrounding tissues, eliminating the need for a subsequent procedure to remove the membrane.

Optimal for the following indications

  • Treatment of jaw bone defects in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR).
  • Guided soft tissue regeneration (GTR).
  • Periodontal defect regeneration.

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