Mastering Guided Prosthodontics

David Norré & Matthieu Declercq, Belgium

29-30-31 May, 2024

David Norré

David Norré followed after his graduation in dentistry (K.U.Leuven 2001) a MaNaMa in restaurative dentistry at the same university (under supervision of Prof. I. Naert 2001-2005).

His interest in implantology send him to the Ulg Liège, where (under supervision of Prof. Eric Rompen) he followed a 2-year training in oral Implantology (2006-2008). After his graduation he did a fellowship in implant and periodontal surgery with Eric Van Dooren (Antwerp -Belgium).

From 2007 he is also a teacher at the University of Leuven (Institute for Osseointegration) and gives many lectures about oral implantology and abutment design.

Besides his work as an implantologist, he was doing research at the department of Periodontology (K.U.Leuven) (2013-2020).

Visiting Faculty Tufts School of Dental Medicine Boston USA.

Matthieu Declercq

Matthieu Declercq followed after his graduation in dentistry (Lille 2, 2017) different trainings in oral surgery, bone reconstruction and implantology (Paris 7 , Paris12 and Nice).

Now he is dedicating his office to implantology and has an exclusive referral practice for oral implantology. 

Owner DGS : Service center for planning, design and manufacturing of implant guides.

2017: Doctorat en Chirurgie Dentaire Université Lille 2
2017-2018 : C.E.S d’odontologie chirurgicale, médecine buccale Université Paris Diderot (7)

2017-2018: C.E.S de Parodontologie Université Paris Diderot (7)   

2017-2018: DU Implantologie Orale et Maxillo-faciale Faculté de médecine Paris 12
2019- 2021: DU Chirurgie osseuse pré-implantaire IUFC (Nice)

Mastering Software : BSP ; Msoft ; Smop ; Meshmixer

3 day Masterclass

This 3 day Masterclass is designed exclusively for dentists who are looking to either begin their journey in guided surgery or enhance their knowledge to transition from guided surgery to guided prosthodontics.

This immersive program will provide you with the essential skills and insights to excel in these specialized fields.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the concept of guided surgery and its advantages over conventional implant placement.
  • Interpret CBCT scans and digital impressions for accurate treatment planning.
  • Identify different types of surgical guides and their design considerations.
  • Follow a step-by-step surgical protocol using a surgical guide for implant placement.
  • Perform guided implant placement on models, demonstrating proper technique and precision.
  • Identify potential complications during guided implant placement and develop strategies for their management.
  • Observe live surgical demonstrations of guided implant placement.
  • Utilize software tools and implant systems for hands-on practice and skill development.
  • Evaluate real patient case studies involving guided implant placement, considering treatment planning and execution.

Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to Guided Dental Implant Placement

  • Overview of guided surgery and its advantages
  • Historical context and evolution of guided implant placement
  • Types of guided surgical techniques

Module 2: Preparing for Guided Surgery

  • Patient assessment and treatment planning
  • Radiographic techniques: CBCT scanning and data interpretation
  • Digital impressions and intraoral scanning
  • Software tools for treatment planning

Module 3: Surgical Guide Fabrication

  • Introduction to different types of surgical guides
  • Designing and creating surgical guides using CAD/CAM software
  • Materials used for guide fabrication

Day 2

Module 4: Surgical Procedure with Guided Implant Placement

  • Step-by-step surgical protocol using a surgical guide
  • Hands-on practice with implant placement on models
  • Common challenges and troubleshooting during surgery

Module 5: Restorative Aspects of Guided Implant Placement

  • Prosthetic considerations in guided implant cases
  • Temporary and final restoration options
  • Occlusion and bite adjustments in guided cases

Module 6: Complications and Risk Management

  • Identifying and managing complications during guided implant placement
  • Managing tissue and bone-related issues
  • Long-term maintenance and follow-up care

Day 3

Module 7: Case Studies and Advanced Topics

  • Review of real patient case studies
  • Advanced techniques and emerging technologies in guided surgery
  • Incorporating guided surgery into interdisciplinary treatment plans

Module 8: Hands-on Workshops and Clinical Experience

  • Practical workshops for surgical guide design and placement
  • Live surgical demonstrations and supervised clinical practice
  • Interaction with software tools and implant systems

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Circle Training and Education Center
Duisburgsesteenweg 85
3090 Overijse  
(15min from Brussels Airport)


29-30-31 May


€ 4500,00 ex VAT
Max. 20 participants



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